About Irit Weinberg


I’m a PhD candidate in the School of Cultural Studies at Tel-Aviv University.

Although I came to East Asian Studies just by chance, hoping to supplement my B.A major in English Literature with something non-Western, I ended up falling in love with Japanese literature, and went on to earn an master’s degree in East Asian Studies with a focus on Japanese literature and culture. In the course of my graduate studies, I have also spent a year in Japan, deepening my knowledge of the Japanese language.

In addition, I work as a translator, having finished translation and editing program in Tel-Aviv University. Although I have specialized in translation of documents and technical material from Russian and English into Hebrew, my long time goal is to translate Japanese literature and to help widen the scope of what is available in Hebrew. The blog is part of this project, and so far, I have translated works of Akutagawa Ryūnosuke, Mori Ōgai, Okamoto Kanoko, Murata Sayaka and others.

Currently I am working on a PhD thesis focusing on the works of three contemporary Japanese writers, Suzuki Izumi (1949-1986), Kurahashi Yumiko (1935-2005) and Shōno Yoriko (1956- ). My academic interests include spatial representations in literature, gendering of spaces and critical re-vision and re-imagination of cultural narratives.

If you are interested in my academic CV or in a list of my published translations, you can find them here. My English language blog is here.

My non-academic interests include crocheting, trying to save enough money for trips abroad, watching documentaries about pioneering women and torturing Photoshop.

Please feel welcome to contact me at: iritkav@gmail.com