About Irit Weinberg


I have a PhD from Tel-Aviv University, where I specialized in Japanese contemporary literature. My PhD thesis focuses on the works of three contemporary Japanese writers, Suzuki Izumi (1949-1986), Kurahashi Yumiko (1935-2005), and Shōno Yoriko (1956- ). My academic interests include spatial representations in literature, the gendering of spaces, critical re-vision and re-imagination of cultural narratives, and most recently immigrant literature.

Although I came to East Asian Studies just by chance, hoping to supplement my BA major in English Literature with something non-Western, I ended up falling in love with Japanese literature and went on to earn a master’s degree in East Asian Studies with a focus on Japanese literature and culture.

In addition, I work as a translator, having finished the translation and editing program at Tel-Aviv University. Although I have specialized in translating documents and technical material from Russian and English into Hebrew, what I love best is literary translation, especially of Japanese literature. So far I have translated into Hebrew the works by Akutagawa Ryūnosuke, Mori Ōgai, Okamoto Kanoko, Murata Sayaka, and others.

My non-academic interests include crocheting, traveling, and torturing Photoshop.

I also have Instagram account @japanmonogatari where I write my thoughts about books (mostly in English) and an English language blog https://konpirareads.wordpress.com/

Please feel welcome to contact me at: iritkav@gmail.com